Bali Quad Discovery Tours is located in the heart of Bali in the village of Kerta, Payangan. The rural home base to our unique adventure tours is in the central part of Bali near Ubud. It is about an hour & a half north from the popular coastal tourist destinations such as Nusa Dua, Kuta, & Sanur. Currently, we use tracks in 3 different communities of Kerta. We take special care of each area & its people. For example, we proudly employ over 40 people from Kerta and hold frequent meetings with village leaders to keep an open dialogue between the company and the village. We participate in local projects that will improve the standard of living in the community, give donations on a regular basis & coordinate our tours to close when needed so as to minimize any disturbance for the village.



What makes our tour unique is the fact that we reach the most hidden spots on the island. We mostly use small tracks which are also used by the locals from the area. The tours are divided in to small groups so you can comfortably & take in the authentic Balinese jungle, rice fields, mud tracks, plantations, and TWO traditional villages.

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We have made access to the Siap River inside of a hidden canyon in the north of Payangan, Ubud. Siap River is one of the few forgotten places in Bali where you still can find untouched flora, fauna, and different animal species (including birds & monkeys). To reach the river, our guide will take you in an off road vehicle from base camp through the jungle to the secreted canyon. While in the river you will be floating inside of the canyon, drift in the open tropical forest, go down a few water drops, see waterfalls, cross suspended bridges, & lazily drift in the river. Bonus! You will zoom through the canyon in our flying fox zip line.

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