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"So much fun!"

We’ve done A LOT on our 2 week honeymoon and this experience still makes the top of our list. We paid extra to have a private tour – If I remember correctly I think it ended up being like $65 more for private, 35 for the private tour and 30 for getting a private ride that worked with our schedule. we liked the private tour because we didn’t have to worry about the pace or ability of others. My husband prefers to go fast and someone having trouble on the quad would have been frustrating. We shared one quad, it was an automatic thank goodness. My husband drove most of the time and I held on tight! but I did drive a little, another perk of going on private was that we could stop and switch any time.
We watched a short video and did practice runs on the quad. They take lots of pictures in the beginning that you can purchase at the end of your tour. We went through the jungle, plantations, and a village. It was really fun and very beautiful. Expect to get dirty! My shoes were full of mud after some dirt puddles. Bring sunglasses… it was nice to have a meal waiting when we were done with our tour. This is a great and fun way to see some of Bali.

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